When will Thou show me Thy face?

When will Thou show me Thy Face?

For Now Am guilty, guilty of being a go getter

I know how to walk, run and have fun.

For now am guilty, guilty of being a trend-setter

I know how to dress, shine and impress.

For now am guilty, guilty of following a procedure

I know how to twist and turn, hence get things done.

A day soon cometh, my wisdom knows,

I shall know not how to walk, talk, style or shine

A day soon cometh, when I shall resign.

Then will Thou show me Thy face?

Oh, tell me yes! Then I shall resign in bliss.

Tell me  will  thou be there for the last kiss!

How will the day be?

I think it will be dusk, when the mighty Sun will retire

There will be no moon, only the glare O’glorious attire.

I will be amongst the hundreds, yet alone who can see

Thou passing by and smiling at me.

I shall get up and run… just now I couldn’t walk

But I know I will run and hug thy wonderful white cloak.

The cloak, that people touched, to be cured.

The cloak shall embrace and embed me.

I will hang on it, like a five year old, full of glee swinging from tree to tree.

Or should it be swinging from tear to thee?

One last plea I shall make, let me live for a day and a half.

Let me share and shout from roof top,


That Thou gaveth me this grace, to look at thee and still stay!

To lose everything and yet gain, to give up and still remain!

I shall have the last word, I shall have the last say.

Then once again Thou shall show me Thy face.

This time it will be  for final and forever.

Neither I stay back nor Thou shall disappear.

I will see Thy Face always and live in Thy space.

Meanwhile I eagerly await, the dusky, new moon day

Whence Thou shall pass by and show me thy Face.

Remember that I seek even if am feeble and weak

And maybe unable to then request.

This then is the little rhyme to remind….

That Thou shall show me Thy face