God Woman or Overwhelmed spirit


This most definitely, inspired by the news of Radhe Maa the self proclaimed God Woman, but not solely about her. What I have assimilated over the years is that, every human being possesses the power of their prayers being answered. More so, the spiritual minds, and even more so, those who pray for anyone beyond oneself. Call it God answering the prayers of the less-selfish, or call it the balancing act of the universe.

Women, at the risk of generalizing, being the more sensitive, vulnerable, physically weaker than their counterparts, have a tendency to pray for people besides themselves, like, for mother, for their father, for their husbands, for the children, for close friends, et al. I call women physically weak, so they are strong. Paradoxically, in their weakness lies their strength. Let me explain. Have we not heard of the ‘ sight-impaired’ having stronger senses of touch and sound? Its the universe’s balancing act. Or the ‘hearing impaired’ training themselves on lip reading? better than others? So you see their other senses are strengthened. Similarly, when women or slightly less stronger individuals find themselves unable to sort the complexities of the world all by themselves, they usually resort to prayers. Please don’t misinterpret me, am not saying that all those who pray are weak. Read my sentence as ” For when I am weak, then I am strong”. What this means is that when i see my boat sinking, and after trying to fight the storm in vain, I pray fervently to God, and Lo! my prayer is answered. So its about leaving to God, leaving to the universe at large, to do the justice, something that has gone beyond our capacity to handle. its actually our faith in God, the divine higher self, that actually brings about this wish fulfilment.

Everyone of us, experience this kind of miraculous wish fulfilment happening. The humble at heart accept this as an answer to their prayer, or miracle, or that they are blessed. While others may call themselves ‘just Lucky’. So now what happens when a sensitive soul prays for somebody beyond themselves and the prayer is answered. Firstly, this person is humbled and thankful. When this keeps happening again and again… mind you, this again and again prayer answering feat doesn’t happen to all. Some are chosen, just like someone is chosen and bestowed with a very high IQ level. He/She can easily secure 99% marks in examination, while others may work harder and not get there. So you see, just like a higher IQ, beautiful looks, astounding figure, creativity, outstanding talent in music, arts, et al. One is also gifted with sensitivity for others, others pains, woes etc. So when this kind of a person prays for others with feeling the pain as his own, then his unselfish prayer is answered. So then, after a couple of repetitions, this sensitive soul becomes confident. Chances of this sensitive person to become overwhelmed is higher.

The scales tip, when it is followed by adulation from needy people. Trust me, Its tough not to feel like God when you get that kind of adoration, admiration, adulation to the point of worship from a layman. Its just getting carried away by the frenzy crowd. The fame, the success gets to the head. This is a spiritual soul with low guidance.The first and foremost chapter of a spiritual person, should be humility, modesty. It takes the form of abnormality when this person starts behaving, dressing and feeling like GOD. Confidence is surmounted by over-confidence. Humility and modesty by self-bragging. prophesying, proclaiming and what not! And people hog all that, thronging towards cult worship.

The rate of cult worship is higher in India. I will not relate this to illiteracy or poverty, for herein the literate and the rich out number the lesser fortunate. It may be because the ritual form of worship is omni-present in our tradition. There are stronger familial values, restrictions, bonding, inhibitions et al making emotional life a lot more complicated and making people resort to prayers and rituals. The traditional values are spiritual to the point of being superstitious. In the west the outlook is quite independent, even where familial and friendly relations are concerned. You have the freedom to call  a spade… ‘spade’ and not beat around the bush to avoid hurting people. So the emotional quotient is well developed there. The people here are go-getters too, but tend to leave a lot on God, heaven above and so on for almost everything. That’s why this thronging of cult worship.

Coming back to the God woman, not all are overwhelmed souls. Period.

Some are schemers and con men(women), as lots of money is involved in this and others are a combination of both. First you are overwhelmed, then you become smart and start conning. Take your Pick!!

To put an end to all of this, it would be wonderful if we all understood, that each one of us can connect to God, the higher self. There is no need of a medium. The mantra is “Pray for others selflessly, with the same fervency, as you would for yourself”. This brings out the humility in you and eventually your prayers are heard. And all the spiritually gifted souls have a greater responsibility to train their mob, to believe in themselves rather than hooking them, hogging the lime light, swindling their money, misguiding them towards superstition, thereby making them weak.  Its their moral duty to tell their followers to be humble and help one another, forgive each other.  For in larger picture of life, lies the answer to smaller and greater problems.  Whew!! Its these self proclaimed masters who need some guidance now.